This page is going to be dedicated to you people who view this page. Here's the deal: If you have a bike that you've restored, had someone restore, used to ride in the old days, or it's just one of your bikes that you're darn proud of, scan in a picture send it in a jpg or gif format (please!try to keep email below 1 meg) and email it to me (email link follows). I may have to fiddle with the sizing to make it fit on the page and not take up too much space.

Please include your name, email address, home page URL(if you have one), and a couple of sentences about your bike along with your picture.

This is NOT a "for sale" area. I want the pictures in here to be of bikes you're too proud of to sell or you miss very badly now that you've made the mistake and sold it as i have done several times!:-(